Delta Light is one of the leaders in the production of lighting fixtures for architectural and decorative lighting. The modern design, functionality and elegance of Delta Light fixtures are recognized and recognizable all over the world.

Effective and practical fixtures Flos Architectural is an opportunity to supplement any architectural space with light, regardless of what materials were used for decoration.

Feature Kreon in a huge variety of various combinations of lamps in the same series, which allows you to perform all the necessary lighting in a single style. Light and illumination are the main goals.

LAMP is a Spanish company of technical lighting, specializing in developing effective solutions that adapt to any project using innovative technologies.

Modular Lighting Instruments are professional luminaires for interior and architectural lighting, featuring a wide range of models, high quality and excellent functionality.

Targetti develops fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting. The company offers products and solutions for specific functional tasks. In addition, Targetti fixtures help designers and architects create incomparable lighting solutions that emphasize the virtues of architecture.

A characteristic feature of Viabizzuno products is impeccable quality, a completely new approach to forms, bright incredible shades, expensive decor and excellent functionality. All products of the company are constantly subject to strict control at all production stages and comply with international standards.

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