The Ares factory is one of the leaders among lighting companies producing outdoor lighting fixtures. The entire production cycle, from the creation of hulls to assembly and packaging, takes place in Italy. The slogan of the company Ares - "Truly Italian" - has weighty arguments in its favor.

Artemide products are an example of high style and individuality of design solutions. In a wide and diverse range of products of the Italian manufacturer Artemide there will be lighting devices for a cozy home interior, for spacious public premises and even for private, customized installations.

The Axo Light factory is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design. It was founded in continental Venice in 1996 and quickly gained international recognition and status as a leader in elite lighting.

The name of the German manufacturer BEGA is associated with the reliability and durability of lighting equipment for outdoor lighting. Bega - a long-term production experience, the search for the best technology, continuous scientific research.

Founded in 1991, BEL Lighting is still an independent family business with more than 50 employees. BEL Lighting luminaires are made of first-class materials (aluminum, brass, stainless steel, wood and Belgian stone) and meet high quality standards.

The company is engaged in the production of high-quality sockets, switches and systems that comply with design standards. Berker products have won many prizes over the years, and today it can be found in the most stunning buildings in the world.

Original lamps Brand van Egmond are made in modern style. They are unexpected and at the same time practical, relevant in the home, in the office, and in the theatrical setting. Dutch designers have been creating amazing masterpieces for more than 15 years.

The Italian brand Bticino embodies the quality and variety of technical and design solutions. Stylish and reliable wiring accessories Bticino are very functional and can fit into any interior.

Delta Light is one of the leaders in the production of lighting fixtures for architectural and decorative lighting. The modern design, functionality and elegance of Delta Light fixtures are recognized and recognizable all over the world.

ERCO is a leading German manufacturer of a wide range of lighting technology and lighting control systems. The company controls the correctness of the use of manufactured light devices. The motto of the company: "We sell art, not technology."

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